About my painting

As motif sight that would appear inevitably from the reality of the Japanese themselves are living, I have been workting to tie in an attempt to explore the possibility of expression shapability in contemporary them.

Therefore, painting is thought not to remain only in the aesthetic area, as those deeply involved in issues of human existence how human beings live or is a spiritual adventure.

Currently, interest figurative when I work is intended to paintings shape and color surface of a non-realistic shapes and graphic lines and coexist.

柏健 Takeshi Kashiwa



柏 健 (かしわ たけし)

1936年 宮城県仙台市に生まれる

1960年 東京芸術大学絵画科油画(伊藤廉教室)卒業

1962年 同大学専攻科(伊藤廉教室)修了/同大学技法科学保存技術研究室副手

1963年 フランス政府給費留学生として渡仏/パリ国立美術学校(レーモン・ルグー教室)在籍

1965年 帰国後、学校法人高澤学園にてすいどーばた美術学院副学長就任

1967年 国画会へ初出品、以降現在まで毎年作品発表


1979年    第3回具象現代展 同人賞受賞

2014年    埼玉新聞社 埼玉文化賞芸術部門受賞

2017年    金沢美術工芸大学名誉客員教授、国画会永年会員となる

2018年    これ迄の作品をまとめた集大成となる[柏健 画集 THE WORKS OF TAKESHI KASHIWA 1954–2016]を刊行。



Takeshi Kashiwa

1936 born in Sendai City, Miyagi Japan

1960 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music  Department of Painting ( Ren Ito class ) graduation

1962 the University Graduate School ( Ren Ito class ) Complete / The university science techniques save technology laboratory Assistant

1963 Passed as the French government scholarship, Paris National School of Fine Arts ( Raymond Legueult Atelier ) enrolled

1965 After returning Japan, assumed the vice president of SUIDO-BATA Art Academy in incorporated school of TAKAZAWA Gakuen

1967 first exhibit to KOKUGA-association, after which annual work presentation until now

from 1976, consecutively been a principal at SOKEI Art School, a professor at the University of Fukui and Kanazawa College of Art

1979 Doujin Prize at the 3rd GUSHO-GENDAI exhibition

2014 Saitama Cultural Prize [ Arts Dept ] by Saitama Shimbun

2017 Be a Honorable Visiting Professor of Kanazawa College of Art and Permanent member of KOKUGA-association

2018 Published an Art book [ THE WORKS OF TAKESHI KASHIWA 1954–2016 ] that is a compilation of past his works & activities.